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Things You Need to Know About the Latest Google Pigeon Update

Did you hear about the latest Google Pigeon update? Have you optimized your website to take advantage of it? Google regularly updates its algorithm to tackle spam and help its users find the most relevant results. This also keeps marketers and businesses on their toes as they need to adapt to these changes in order … Continue reading

Standalone Mobile Site Vs Mobile Responsive Site

Are you planning to create a mobile optimized website? Which would be the better option – a standalone mobile website or a mobile responsive site? Smart phones alone beat out PC sales in 2011 and since then they have continued to grow rapidly. Even Matt Cutts of Google “wouldn’t be surprised” if mobile search exceeded … Continue reading

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Reach

In case you already don’t know, only a small percentage of your Facebook page fans see your posts. This used to be around 16%, but some page owners experienced a decrease in their Facebook page reach after promoted posts were introduced as reported by this New York Times article. The biggest decrease in reach occurred … Continue reading

4 Tips For Building Your Local Moving Company Website

4 Tips For Building Your Local Moving Company Website If there is one thing we know at Today’s Local Media it’s moving company web design. Whether it is Around the Clock Movers in Dallas, Moving Proz in Lawrence, or Olde World Movers in Fort Worth, having a great website will make or break your business. … Continue reading

3 Reasons Your Website Needs More Customer Reviews

If you have a local business then you know all about word of mouth advertising. You might not however, know the power of online customer reviews. Only half of small business owners think positive online reviews are important. Yet a harvard business study recently found that in some industries a one-star rating hike on Yelp … Continue reading

5 Ways Arlington Businesses Dominate Their Competition with Internet Marketing

When Jerry Jones built the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, he knew it needed to stand out from among the rest. Residents who live in Dallas/Fort Worth are busier than ever with work, school, and entertainment activities. That’s why if you own or operate a business in the area, you absolutely need to have a … Continue reading

Google Testing Orange Review Stars for Businesses Again

It looks like Google has been testing large orange stars for the business ratings in the SERPs. I found that it is pretty consistent across browsers. I first noticed the change when using Google Chrome and searching the query “movers dallas.” For some reason, I had the hunch to check the same results on Safari … Continue reading

Google Local Now Allows You To Move Reviews

According to a post in the Google Business Help forums on May 16th, by Jade Wang from Google stated that business owners can now request to have reviews moved from one listing to another. This is another great step in the right direction by Google to make Google Maps more business friendly. Jade Wang said … Continue reading

6 Online Marketing Ideas For Small Business

6 Online Marketing Ideas For Small Business In today’s market there are many different ways to promote your small business, whether it’s a retail shop or a plumbing company.  We have shared with you 6 online marketing ideas for small business that you could use to get started with your online marketing strategy and jumpstart … Continue reading

6 Best Practices for Local Marketing & SEO

SEO is a long and laborious exercise used to boost a website’s organic, or “free,” results. Depending on the amount of competition, this could take months for noticeable results. Search Engine Optimization is definitely a long-term process. If someone tells you they can quickly place you on the first page of Google in the free … Continue reading

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