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6 Auto Repair Web Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

6 Auto Repair Web Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

6 Auto Repair Web Design Mistakes — and How to Fix Them

While we would all love to spend our money on basic bills and then enjoy the rest purchasing things to treat ourselves, often in life things happen that require you to then change your spending to take care of something you didn’t know you would need. Automotive repairs are one of the first things that pops into my mind when thinking about sudden emergencies that require extra spending.

While yes, you should take care of your vehicle with regular upkeep and maintenance, often damages or problems happen with little warning. And for the vast majority of people living in today’s world without a working vehicle is impossible.

But when you need repairs, advice, and quality service you might find it hard to pick who to go to. It doesn’t matter if you have a Honda, a BMW, or a Ford, customers today expect quality.

There are hundreds of choices in some areas for Auto repairs. With the speed and ease of the internet, most can find multiple choices quickly when your afternoon comes to a halt because something is wrong with your vehicle.

So websites and customer feedback online often are the first things possible customers see when trying to decide which shop to use. With that let’s look at the six worst auto repair web design mistakes and how we would fix them. Ultimately, that will help give your business a better first impression with possible customers.

1: Cluttered and Hard to Read Layouts:

One of the most common issues that I’ve found when looking over some auto repair websites around my city was that half of the sites were barely readable. Obviously one of the main objectives of a website is for people to be able to read and understand what it is your business can provide. Multiple sizes of font within the same pages explaining services, strange color choices with backgrounds or even the words, and odd layouts that leave you thinking the page was put together in five minutes.

Example of Jeffrey's Auto Web Design

While a fun or different website can set yours apart, a hard to read or cluttered page can turn away business. Even impressive looking designs can be hard to read when the pages become too packed with content. It represents your business online so make viewers think professional but also simple. Clean and simple with the base outline and easy to read fonts help viewers not have to strain simply to browse and understand your services.

2: Non-responsive site:

A website is responsive when it is designed to adapt to the screen size and device it is being viewed on. It adjusts to fit and look better with the screen on which the user is reading it on. This helps for people viewing your page on their phones, tablets, or other small devices. Often someone needing auto repair might be on the go or even in their car having issues when deciding that they finally need to fix that problem they’ve been putting off. A responsive design adjusts to help your viewers not have to adjust and work for themselves to experience your website.

When viewing an older website on a phone or tablet you most likely have to adjust and play with the browser to really view the site or find what you are looking for because the site’s print and design are built for a completely different screen. The design does not fit and forces the viewer to spend extra time searching and adjusting for what they need. Building a responsive site now has become a lot easier and many website design providers push it as the way to go to help your site transition to the mobile age.

3: Click-To-Call:

Keeping with the idea that many people will view auto repair sites on mobile devices, a click-to-call option is something that can be coded into your website that encourages viewers to at least call your business. And getting them to reach out even a little then gives you and your employees a chance to interact and sell your brand.

Auto Repair Fort Worth

Most auto repair sites I see have their phone number plastered up top or somewhere noticeable each page (if they don’t, they will likely never receive any calls based off their site), but many of the non-chain places do not have a way where by simply tapping a number or link I could be talking with someone quickly about fixing my problems.

4: Reviews and Feedback:

Sadly for almost anyone that has owned and paid for vehicles for more than a few years, they have likely needed to get multiple repairs done over the years. And with that if they have used multiple repair shops it is because they had a bad experience somewhere before. Automotive repair shops often can pull customers in with solid reviews from past or continuing customers. Being a part of the Better Business Bureau or having certified techs can be encouraging as well. Show that off!

Wades Quality Auto Repair

Having a page within the site that links to customer feedbacks sources (Google, Angie’s List, etc) or even has recent reviews on it shows potential new customers that your business can not only get the job done but also expects that they will be satisfied with the experience. Links and shortcuts to social media pages also help even if you don’t think social media matters as well. Facebook and Twitter pages can provide people ways to again communicate with a business, but also see feedback from other people in their own neighborhood.

5: List and Explain Services Provided:

Another thing common with most of the websites that I found around me for auto repair businesses was they listed what types of services they could provide. But even some of the best sites simply listed some services and then left it at that. While again you don’t want to clutter up a page on the site naming every single service your shop has ever done, giving customers some of the services that your shop specializes in can encourage them to make that jump to contact the shop.

TCM Automotive

Can you do alignments? Transmission repairs and rebuilds? Automotive customization? Naming some of the services that a business can provide and possible areas of expertise that technicians have over your competitor a couple miles down the road could make the difference.

6:Call The Customer to Action:

Multiple sites I viewed listed a little about the business, named a view types of repair that they can offer, and even had ways for me to contact them but were missing something every business site should have, something encouraging me to actually use them! A quick and thoughtful few lines trying to push me to use them.

Bills Half Priced Auto Repair

A sentimental line about family values and hoping to shake my hand at the end of a successful job. Something to encourage and welcome me as the viewer to make that step to contact them. The click-to-call option helps but often at the bottom of the main page and pages about services, the most encouraging and friendly sites did leave a feeling that I should reach out next time I needed help.

The field of Automotive repair is flooded in many areas. And again with mobile technology and the internet, potential customers looking to get that surprise issue fixed have the ability to quickly research what their options are when in need.

So improving and working on your website can pull customers in when often that is your first interaction with them in today’s world. Especially when it is an interaction that can decide in a few minutes if that person will ever contact a business or not.

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Standalone Mobile Site Vs Mobile Responsive Site

Are you planning to create a mobile optimized website? Which would be the better option – a standalone mobile website or a mobile responsive site?

Smart Phones Beat Out Pc Sales

Smart phones alone beat out PC sales in 2011 and since then they have continued to grow rapidly. Even Matt Cutts of Google “wouldn’t be surprised” if mobile search exceeded desktop queries in 2014 itself. Nearly 80% of Facebook’s 1.28 billion active users, access the site via a mobile device. According to comScore, in June 2013, 55% of all time spent with online retail took place on a mobile device. If businesses want to take advantage of this burgeoning mobile traffic they need to possess a mobile optimized website.

What are the available options for creating a mobile optimized website?

Mobile Optimized Website on Ipad

Image Credit: Flickr Johnnydoes

There are two options available for creating a mobile optimized website. You can go about this by developing a standalone mobile website or a mobile responsive site.

Standalone Mobile Website

A standalone mobile website is a separate website. This is meant for your mobile users only and is different from the one for PCs. The website is placed on a separate domain or sub-domain and people visiting your regular website through a mobile device are redirected to the standalone mobile website.

The biggest problem with a standalone mobile website is that you need to create and maintain two separate websites. If you make changes to one you have to repeat the same changes on the other. This could cost more time and money. Also if you place it on a separate domain, you will need to spend money on both, a new domain and hosting.

My CopyBlogger Under Blog Post

The redirection can affect loading time which can increase bounce rate as visitors can be impatient.

Mobile Responsive Website

A mobile responsive website is one that adjusts its size depending on the type of device. People visiting the site from a PC or laptop will see the desktop version, whereas those visiting from a mobile device will view a mobile version. A code embedded within the website automatically helps it adjust itself for suitable viewing depending on the dimensions of the device.

A mobile responsive website is easier and cheaper to maintain as it is only one website. Any changes you make will be visible on both the mobile and web version.

An experienced designer can add a custom responsive code that will give your website the appearance you and your audience will like.

If your website runs on WordPress you can also opt for installing a mobile optimized theme offered by services like StudioPress and Elegant Themes.  Those 2 are premium services.

Get a Mobile Optimized Website With WP Touch

A WordPress website can also be mobile optimized with a free plugin like WP Touch.

If you have the choice between a theme, a plugin or a designer, always go for a designer as themes and plugins provide only one result. Also plugins might not always work like you had imagined.

Do you have a mobile optimized website? Which option do you prefer a standalone mobile website or a mobile responsive website? Please leave your comments below.


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Image of Customer Filling out Online Review Form

If you have a local business then you know all about word of mouth advertising. You might not however, know the power of online customer reviews. Only half of small business owners think positive online reviews are important. Yet a harvard business study recently found that in some industries a one-star rating hike on Yelp can mean a 5-9% rise in revenue.

From Google to Yelp, a great local review from a happy customer can means dozens of referrals over the next few years. Here’s 5 reasons from the Local Search Association that you should make reviews a priority this year.

  1. Online consumer reviews are the third-most trusted form of advertising. (Nielsen)
  2. The single most important variable in the ranking of search results on Google’s Local Carousel is the quality and quantity of reviews. (Digital Marketing Works)
  3. About 20% of respondents to a Street Fight consumer survey said they would submit a review after a negative experience, and about the same amount said they would submit a review after a positive experience. (Street Fight)

If you are looking for ways to grow your business and improve your website, focusing on reviews is a great place to start. It’s also a good way to manage your online reputation when customers have a bad experience with your business.

If the only reviews about you online are negative one-star ratings, it’s time to focus on cleaning up your digital image. Your reputation on the internet could be holding you back from getting business both now and in the future.