4 Tips For Building Your Local Moving Company Website

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If there is one thing we know at Today’s Local Media it’s moving company web design. Whether it is Around the Clock Movers in Dallas, Moving Proz in Lawrence, or Olde World Movers in Fort Worth, having a great website will make or break your business.

Moving is a process that consumer take very seriously, which is why sites such as moving company reviews are so successful. That being said, here’s 4 quick and simple tips for making your website a money making machine for your company.


1. Mobile Responsive Design

More customers looking for local movers access websites from handheld mobile devices than desktops now. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website design you are missing out on customers who are looking for moving companies on their iPad, iPhone, Android, or Windows phone. Better the a mobile website, a mobile responsive design means that your site looks great regardless of device.

How can you tell if you have a mobile friendly responsive design? It’s fairly simple. Pull up your website on various devices with different screen sizes. If your website is difficult to read and navigate on smaller screens such as mobile phones, you probably are missing this critical element to your online presence.


2. Desktop Layout

Now that you have your mobile visitors covered, it’s time to focus on your traditional desktop visitors for a second. Look at your moving company website on a typical laptop of desktop computer. Having your contact information easily visible is an important part of your local website design.

Is your logo on top? What about your phone number? It should be a easy to read and on the top right corner of your website where most people expect it. For people who don’t want to call you, have a quick quote or contact form for those that would rather email to get the process started.


3. Share Cities You Service

Finding a mover is an important part of relocation for millions of American families each year. When they start their search online for a qualified and trustworthy moving company, they want to know that they have found somebody familiar with their local area.

Most small to medium size business owners serve a very specific local area. They know where there best clients come from, and so do you. That’s why when you set out to redesign or improve your online marketing, start with local cities you service. If the majority of your business comes from a certain city, it makes sense for your website to specifically call out that area.


4. Free Estimate Page

The last tip is very specific to the moving industry, and it’s that your website includes a free estimate page. One of the biggest complaints against moving companies is related to the price or quote that was given to them. Even the most successful moving companies still deal time and again with upset consumers based on pricing issues. Here’s an excellent example of a moving company website that has a free estimate page:

Moving Company Website Free Estimate Page

Adding a free estimate page is a great way to not only put the customer at ease, but capture more leads from your website. A visitor might not feel comfortable speaking to you yet without a price quote. The free estimate page can be a great source of referrals, revenue, and future business for your company.



If you own and operate a local moving company, you know the online space is more competitive than ever. Putting these 4 practices in place on your website can not only help immediately improve your bottom line, but ensure healthy growth long into the future.

Ben Wright
Ben is the Founder and CEO of Today's Local Media. He founded the company in 2012 after he saw a need in the marketplace for a more personalized delivery of marketing services with a focus on customer service.

4 thoughts on “4 Tips For Building Your Local Moving Company Website

  1. I really like what you’ve said here on this post. I think there are a lot of great moving companies that don’t get business because of their website. I really liked how you talked about the design of the website and how that really helps get more business because I totally agree with this. The better looking the website the more credible people are going to think your business is.

  2. Thank you for the information it is very helpful, I did a research about local moving companies and the found design must be mobile responsive.

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