Local SEO and SEM for Auto Repair Companies

SEO and SEM are a vital part of any effective online marketing campaign if you want to rank on the major search engines. And who doesn’t? You need a dedicated resource to this endeavor, and that resource is Today’s Local Media. We can help you rank in those coveted spots for your auto repair business through qualified SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) using targeted keywords for your industry.

SEO and SEM for Auto Repair Comapnies

As such, we employ a targeted, methodical approach that takes careful execution over the long term. It takes time and patience to show up on the first page of Google, Yahoo! and Bing, particularly when it comes to SEO. Let us help you rank in those top spots for your local auto repair business thanks to targeted keywords common in your industry.

Search marketing is the catch-all term for both SEO (gaining traffic through free listings) and SEM (gaining traffic through paid search listings). While SEO can take months or years to see results, SEM is more immediate because it involves paid ads. You’ll need to incorporate both strategies in order to be successful.

Both take a dedicated team of professionals to manage. SEO, for example, requires 20 hours a week of targeted work if you’re going to have any kind of success. As a result, it can take between nine months and three years to implement and notice positive results. If you don’t have the time, knowledge and patience to maintain this pace, you need Today’s Local Media.

Our white-hat SEO services involve the following:

  • Keyword analysis
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Content generation


Be Found Instantly on Search Engines

When done correctly and methodically, SEO will help your business display at the top of those results. But in order for it to be effective, you must first understand your business, brand, goals, and company direction. You could have the flashiest website in the world, but that means nothing if you can’t reach the people you need to reach: specifically, customers who need auto repair services, oil changes, inspections, etc.

Thousands of people in your area are online right now searching for auto repair services. Are you being seen by them? This involves ideal placement on the major search engines. Here is an example: A motor vehicle owner has been noticing funny screeching sounds whenever he brakes. He doesn’t personally know any mechanics near him, so he takes to the Internet and types in “auto repair in Dallas.” What will show up on that first page? Will YOU? If not, you’re losing out to the top few mechanics listed. Research shows that fewer than 10% will navigate through to the second page of results. Those aren’t good odds.

As the Holy Grail for any marketer or business, the first page of Google is what you need to strive for. This long-term strategy is called SEO. We can do all the necessary research on your company before creating a specific strategy, including:

    • Research Your Industry
    • Analyze Your Competition
    • Assess Your Current Website


Your SEM strategy will get you quicker results because of paid inclusion, traditional ads and PPC. SEO will take longer due to keyword usage within the content itself. However, no marketing campaign is complete with just either SEO or SEM. You need both!


Reach Google Searches on the Go

These days, mobile is where it’s at. Your customers are on the go, at work, at home, at school. They want to be able to locate a reputable auto repair company right when they need it. They hear weird sounds coming from their muffler…they notice their inspection sticker is about to expire…they finally have time for that oil change they’ve been putting off. Be there when they reach out.

Assuming your customers are tethered to a desktop or even a laptop all the time is foolish. You must make sure your website is mobile optimized in order to capture mobile customers. Despite the prevalence of smart phones, many websites still aren’t designed to accommodate different screen sizes and load times. Mobile optimization uses things like site design, site structure and  page speed to ensure you’re not inadvertently turning mobile visitors away.

Increasing traffic to your auto repair website means they are able to navigate your site properly and easily. Did you know that one-quarter of web searches world-wide involves a mobile device? You want your customers to be able to find the information they want without having to look hard for it.


PPC Advertising That Makes You Money

Improve SEO and SEM for your Auto Repair Company with Todays Local Media

Making money entails spending money. As a growing business, you may not like that simple fact, but it’s true. PPC will cost you, but it will also yield fairly quick results. Proper management of a Search Engine Marketing program means you have to do more than just bid on a few keywords and wait for conversions. Despite the fact that you may be making a little money this way on your own, you may be doing damage to your campaign — and losing a lot of money — by not managing it properly. If you don’t have the first clue as to what a negative keyword is, you need to call our Certified Experts to monitor and manage the desired results.

The team at Today’s Local Media can match up your campaign and budget with a targeted approach to achieve your business goals. As part of your auto repair PPC campaign, we will:

  • Research your competition
  • Utilize analytics to determine which keywords, negative keywords, and geographic areas promise the best ROI
  • Personalize each campaign with your brand, message, and/or offer


Internet Specialists You Can Trust

Trust is a big part of the decision to hire a web design team. Today’s Local Media is your top resource in the area to get your auto repair business the exposure it deserves. Call us at 972-479-5009 today to find out how. Our Internet specialists work directly with auto repair companies like you to customize their websites so they appeal to a target audience.