4 Ways Roofing Companies Boost Their Marketing After a Storm

In the roofing industry, bad weather is actually potential for new business. As much as you don’t want to see the damage that storms can bring to people’s homes, you rest in the knowledge that your services can help get people back on their feet as soon as possible.

As a roofer you really are in the restoration business. Restoring is what you do. You don’t just restore damages roofs, you restore people’s sense of self worth, and you help them protect their most valuable asset.

However, there are a lot of other roofers out there as well. Each one is looking to bring their services to the table just like you. How can you help people find you first? With all the competition, how can you set yourself up for success in a sea of roofing contractors? That is where online marketing comes in.


1. Web Design

Don’t let a cookie cutter website template corner you in and bore your customers. Before the storms hit, you should have your website optimized for conversion. Make sure your customers can easily find your contact info. When a storm hits, homeowners are highly motivated.

You will enjoy custom optimization of your website design and your website rankings in Google. We work with a variety of platforms in mind and ensure that when a potential client opens your website, whether on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device, they see quality.

Ensure that the most important information pertaining to your company will enjoy the prominent spots on your website. Your navigation bar will be fluid and your call to action buttons will be easy to fill out. When someone lands on your newly designed webpage, their eyes will be drawn to a customized and orderly page, and they will have no doubts as to you who are and how to contact you.

website page for roofing company


2. Advertising for Your Roofing Company

When you know how to promote your services and help people find you, your are positioned well to be there when storm damage occurs. So, use the time in between storms to hone and optimize your advertising campaigns. Do not wait until a hail storm or high wind strikes to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

With the right advertising services at your fingertips, you can get the right marketing message out to the right people at the right time.

Focus advertising efforts on the segment of the market that actually requires roofing services. That is who to focus on. No more blanket advertising to people who aren’t potential clients. Leverage the power of focused advertising and targeting Ads to local areas that need it.

Do not waste your advertising dollars on segments who won’t need your services. Be are strategic and intentional about getting your name and your company front and center. Your job is to help the people who need a new roof, or are looking for roofing repair, find you with as few obstacles as possible.

Online Ads for Roofer Company


3. Local SEO & SEM

With targeted Search Engine Optimization, you can bring more customers to you. If someone sits down at their computer and searches for roofing services in your area after a storm, help them find you first!

Through a methodical approach with a long-term vision, you can even begin to see your company on the top landing pages of top search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Start by understanding the cities closest to you that you do the most business in. In times of crisis after a storm, homeowners will want to do business with a trusted local provider. Using key word analysis, on and off page optimization, and content generation, online marketing can increase traffic to your site and put leads right into your hand.

With these and other services working for you 24 hours a day, over time your roofing company will begin to be found online before anyone else. With that ace up your sleeve, you can begin selling and repairing more roofs than ever before.

Local Mobile Search for Roofer


4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media for a roofing business ultimately boils down to building your reputation, generating positive reviews, and bringing in new referrals. This is especially important during and after a storm. During a hail storm, homeowners are trying to find the latest now. And afterwards, they are reaching out to their social networks for help and referrals.

Now, without a viable and thought-out marketing strategy for your business social media page, you may be missing out on thousands of dollars of potential revenue. It’s a fascinating study – in today’s marketing age of ever-moving media – people are beginning to visit a company’s social media site even before they visit the company’s main webpage.

People are social in nature. They want to know how social a potential company might be to them. They also want to know what other people are saying about the company.

Your social media page can become one of the best (and cost effective) pages you oversee. Such is the power of social media for generating brand awareness and bringing in new customers, some large companies and celebrities even outsources their social media pages. Other companies even pay people to be “responders” on social media pages for well-known individuals.

image of customers searching online


The TLM Difference

Strategic and purposeful marketing. When you contract Today’s Local Media, brace yourself for a new normal. Gone are the days of driving up and down neighborhoods trying to determine if you should leave your card at someone’s door based on what you can guess about their roof.

When you hire Today’s Local Media’s marketing professionals for your roofing company, you will save yourself time, money, and endless amounts of energy. By bringing the clientele to you instead of the other way around, you will win back hours of time that you deserve, watch the arrow of your ROI point upwards, and start to enjoy life in general more than ever before.

That is the TLM difference.

Ben Wright
Ben is the Founder and CEO of Today's Local Media. He founded the company in 2012 after he saw a need in the marketplace for a more personalized delivery of marketing services with a focus on customer service.

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