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Our custom SEO packages specifically for movers will help grow your business. When families decide to move, they start their search online. That means you need to be found using search engines exactly when customers are looking, and where they are looking. The process of selecting a moving company is difficult enough without the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. That is why we make sure your website is perfectly optimized for local search.

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Having a comprehensive traffic strategy combined with a beautiful responsive mobile website, allows all types of customers to find you online. When it comes to moving company SEO, you need a local agency that is familiar with how to place your business at the top of search results pages. We have helped enough movers over the years to understand exactly how your business works, what you need, and what you don’t. This allows us to customize our pricing to fit your budget and overall business goals.

Reach Mobile and Desktop Searchers

Mobile is the primary method for consumers searching for movers in their area. The time right before a move is chaotic and ever changing. Is your organic search strategy aligned to meet the mobile consumer? Do you have SEO campaigns geared towards a mobile first approach? There are probably dozens of competitors in your area going after the same keyword phrases and cities as you. That is why all our local SEO programs include keyword tracking and analytics reports monthly.

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When you look at the way mobile searches appear today, there is less room for results on a phone than there are on a typical desktop or tablet device. On a desktop, it’s important to be on the first page of SEO results, with more than 10 positions for organic results. Now try that same search on your mobile device and tell me how many local moving companies you see in a typical search in your city? If you aren’t in the top 3 positions on a mobile phone you might as well not be there at all.

Get Found in Local Map Pack Results

If you feel like you are wasting money on local SEO, you are doing it wrong. A SEO strategy for a moving company should result in thousands of dollars each month in additional income. When our expert consultants meet with you, they will discuss everything from how many customers you have each month, how many cities you serve, and what your future goals are. Having a strategy and long-term SEO program allows you to gain more visibility in local search results for moving searches in your city.

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If you are doing 50 moves each month and want to do 100, local search optimization is a great way to drive more targeted leads to your website exactly when you need them. We know how to get results.

We ensure your Google business profile is updated with:

  • Accurate NAP info (Name, Address, and Phone Number)
  • Business descriptions and information
  • High quality media (photos)
  • Ensuring social media profiles are listed

The Marketing Specialists for Movers

Don’t worry about marketing, we got you covered. In the world of SEO, online marketing and everything in between, there is nobody who knows moving company marketing better than Today’s Local Media. We will recommend a budget that is perfect to keep your moving trucks on the road and your business growing. We pride ourselves on customer service and responding quickly to any questions you may have about our marketing programs.

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