ReachLocal Complaints: Why Thousands of Customers Are Leaving ReachLocal for Good

ReachLocal complaints and customer service reviews
Customers are the life of your business. And if you are a struggling marketing services company like ReachLocal watching customers complain about you, it might feel a bit like you are on life support.

Lately, ReachLocal (a provider of marketing services) has been making national news — and not in a good way. According to the ReachLocal investors website, they have lost more than 3,000 customers in the last year.

Eighteen months after shaking up its leadership, ReachLocal has yet to turn the corner. The local marketing company has watched as nearly every metric of success, from revenues and profitability to active customers, has declined over the past year, sending its stock price to new lows. ~Steven Jacobs

In fact, ReachLocal’s stock price is down more than 92% over the last five years.


At Today’s Local Media we speak with lots of business owners who are either current or former ReachLocal customers. And they are definitely looking for alternatives.


5 Common ReachLocal complaints:


1. Poor customer service

Many ReachLocal customer complaints are often related to customer service. Because the company is constantly selling new marketing services, they have to deliver on those promises. However, the former ReachLocal customers we talk to say they often never hear from the company after being sold.


2. Big corporate politics

Even though it has had it’s challenges, ReachLocal is still a multi-million dollar company. And because they are a large organization, customers sometimes feel like that’s exactly what they are dealing with. Small and medium sized businesses have grown because they build great relationships with their customers, not corporate politics.


3. Lack of results

For the premium price at ReachLocal, you would expect great results, but former customers tell us that they struggled to see the return on their investment. They have also said that they were promised results that seemed unrealistic, particularly around SEO and Social Media services.


4. Hidden fees

When it comes to marketing, it certainly takes spending money sometimes to make money. A big source of spending at ReachLocal is usually around Google Adwords and other paid advertising platforms.

Customers simply do not often know the break down between when they are spending, what gets spend on campaigns, and what is profit that goes to the company. And that makes it difficult for them to really determine whether their marketing is working or not.


5. Outdated technology

One designer I talked to recently said flat out that ReachLocal’s “sites are ugly”. I may not got that far, but their website templates seem to be outdated. Of course, they have to keep their costs low to keep their profits high.

However, we see a lot of ReachLocal complaints about hidden fees buried in the fine print and a lack of transparency around advertising spend.

The good news is, there is a better way.

You can choose a family owned agency like Today’s Local Media, or one of a dozen other great local marketing companies in your area. However, the most important thing is that you find a place that will provide great customer service, deal with you honestly, and provide great results.