Huge improvement for our website rankings

It has been a pleasure working with Ben and his team. They are extremely involved and responsive, which has resulted in huge improvements for our website rankings. I highly recommend them!

- Sergio Antognelli, Dallas Door Designs, Dallas

We rank #1 organically in every area

I have to say without a doubt doing business with this company was the best thing I ever did. We rank and have ranked number one organically in every area we go after. Its quite amazing how hands on they can be and how result oriented they are. Whether it’s sending you reports or its just checking in with the good news your moving up they are invested in your success. I feel like what most media companies are lacking these guys are not. The personal touch is a lost art and very underestimated. Ben and his team is always a call or text away and I know that without a doubt they are working hard to go above and beyond what is expected. I recommend them highly to everyone trying to build a strong online presence.

- Derek Shaw, Moving Proz, Kansas City

Don’t waste your time using anyone else

Incredible! Ben and his team have helped me with several businesses in 3 different States. I wouldn’t ever consider using anyone else. Don’t waste your time using anyone else. These guys are the very best!

- Jeff Purcella, Home Pros Air Conditioning, Florida
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We saw results and leads increase immediately

If there is something I can say about Today’s Local Media, is that they can deliver. They are very knowledgeable about what they are doing. We have seen results in the last year we have been using them. Anyone interested in marketing their business, should give Today’s Local Media a call.

- Freddy Torres, Bimmers Only, Dallas
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Our secret weapon for local business marketing

Today’s Local Media handles all my online marketing, from building my website to front page SEO/SEM. Consolidating everything with this company has saved me tons of $$$. I feel like my campaign is a focused machine. I didn’t realize how much I was fighting myself by signing marketing contracts with salesmen who just wanted a sale, leaving me to figure out the rest. Their agency is a small business owners secret weapon in getting an edge on competitors.

No other agency could compare to the customer service they provide. My ideas are put in action immediately after a phone call, not weeks later. I’ve had phone consultations on Sunday nights, and same day meetings. They are always there and always ready to fix a problem! They are experts in the field and explain the hows, whys, whens, and wheres that large corporations swiftly dodge in a smoke screen. Within a few months, Today’s Local Media has made my business a front runner in a very competitive relocation market. Put more energy into your business’ needs, while your competitors try to track down their “personal account associate” who is too busy sharking a sale. Today’s Local Media has a team of doers in a world of talkers. No other outside source has helped my business grow as much as Today’s Local Media. I look forward to watching our businesses grow together!

- Luke H, Luke's Moving, Fort Worth
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Our new site generated leads as soon as it was launched

Ben made a very good first impression. It was obvious he took the time to understand our industry so he could speak to our specific needs. We had considered others to work with us, but the fact that Ben did his ‘homework’ even before calling us made our decision to work with him an easy one.

Ben and his team are amazing. They redesigned our dated website and now it’s clean, easy to navigate and shows extremely well on mobile devices. Designing a great website was only part of why we were so impressed working with Today’s Local Media. The personal attention we received from Ben was more than we expected. He was very patient and attentive to every detail. Our new site began to generate solid leads almost as soon as it was launched.

We would recommend Ben and his team to anyone considering a new website. Thank you Ben.

- Rosemary, Anderson Brothers Storage & Moving, Chicago

Today’s Local Media has been great in helping our company

Today’s Local Media has been great in helping our company develop our website, improve its design, and improve its SEO performance. We are a shipping container supplier and Ben and his team went above and beyond to provide expertise and apply it to our industry. Our website has seen significantly better performance compared to before we used their service so we would like to thank the team for all their hard work. Highly recommend them for any marketing and website services!

- Nathan, ATS Containers
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Taking our business to forefront of online marketing

It has been a true pleasure working with TLM! They have the knowledge and the know how that we lack, and has brought our business to the forefront of online advertising. We have worked with companies in the past promising to do the same, it never worked out. We appreciate their honesty and doing everything they said they would do! I highly recommend TLM and will continue doing business with them!

- Terry, Designer Wood Flooring

Great customer service and digital marketing expertise

I’ve had an amazing experience with Ben and his team. The attention to detail and communication is top notch. I am truly grateful to this company for helping us rank better in the search engines as well as setting up and managing our Google Ads account. They also designed a new website for my company and we are very happy with the end product! Our conversions are up due to the new website and we are definitely busier. Anyone looking for great customer service and expert digital marketing I would highly recommend Today’s Local Media.

- Erik, Texas Best Moving & Storage

Case Studies

We love seeing our clients grow. Here are just a few examples.