Roofer SEO and SEM

SEO and SEM are both crucial to ranking on the major search engines for roofers. This involves a targeted, methodical approach that must be well thought out and executed over the long term. It takes time and patience to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo! and Bing when consumers search for roofing services, particularly when it comes to SEO. Fortunately, we can help you rank in those coveted spots for your roofing business in your area through SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) using targeted keywords for your industry.

SEO and SEM for Roofers

Originally called Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the quicker term these days is “search marketing” as the umbrella term for both organic search (getting traffic through free listings) and paid search (getting traffic through paid search listings). Generally, SEO takes much longer to see results. Especially in an industry as competitive as roofing.

Search Engine Marketing, because it involves paying for ads, has a sense of immediacy for your roofing company. If you’re looking to increase your traffic and visibility right away, paid advertising will give you results much more quickly. However, both strategies are crucial to the overall success of your business.  

Roofing is a competitive industry, and for booming industries like yours, it could take up to 20 hours a week to devote to proper SEO. Over the long term, this strategy can take between nine months and three years to implement and notice positive results. Do you have the time and unflagging patience to ensure this plan is well executed and on-point? We can bet you’d rather spend your resources on someone’s roof making money than sitting behind a computer.

In addition to SEM and PPC, we are aggressive in our approach called white-hat SEO, which involves the following:

  • Keyword analysis
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Content generation

Be Found on Search Engines

No matter how flashy or clever your website is, that means nothing if you can’t reach the people you need to reach: specifically, customers who need roof repair, replacement, inspections, etc.  For SEO to be effective, it’s important to understand your business, brand, goals, and direction of your company.

With thousands of people searching online for roofing services in your area at any given time, you need to be accessible to them, and that means you must be easily found on the major search engines. When done correctly and methodically, SEO will help your business display at the top of those results.  

Let’s look at this example: a homeowner has been noticing curling and peeling of his shingles lately, and his energy efficiency in the home is decreasing. He knows he may need a new roof but he has no clue where to start. He’s new to the area and doesn’t know any roofers personally.

He sits down at his computer and types in “roofers in Dallas.” What will pop up on that first page? More specifically those first few coveted spots? If your company doesn’t pop up on that first page, you just lost that customer. Studies show that fewer than 10% will navigate through to the second page. At that rate, you might as well be on page 20!

Thus, the first page of Google is the best for any marketer or business. The long-term strategy employed to get your website to the first page is called SEO. Today’s Local Media will perform all the necessary research on your company before coming up with a specific strategy, including:

  • Research Your Industry
  • Analyze Your Competition
  • Assess Your Current Website
  • Review Your Company’s Presence on Social Media Platforms

Your SEM strategy will yield quicker results in general, thanks to things like paid inclusion, traditional ads and PPC. No marketing campaign is complete with just either SEO or SEM. Both must work in tandem to get you the most robust results possible.

Improve SEO and SEM With Todays Local Media


Make Your Market Mobile

Mobile is everything these days. Your customers are finicky, they change their minds, they’re on the go. They don’t want to be held down to a desktop or even a laptop anymore. Making sure your website is mobile optimized is critical in the effort to capture mobile customers.

Even though six out of the seven billion people on Earth own a mobile phone, many websites still aren’t designed to accommodate different screen sizes and load times. Mobile optimization incorporates everything from site design to site structure to page speed to ensure you’re not inadvertently turning mobile visitors away.

Increasing traffic to your website means it can be navigated properly and easily. With one-quarter of web searches world-wide being made on a mobile device by more than one billion users, a big part of this process involves visualizing that your users are on their smartphones at the grocery store, on their way to work, watching TV, and at the park with their kids.

If they want product information on the roofing materials you use, your contact information to ask for a free estimate, or the type of residential roofing you offer, you want them to be able to achieve their goals quickly without having to look hard for the information.

PPC Advertising That Pays for Itself

To make money, you have to spend money. This is the core of PPC. However, managing a Search Engine Marketing program involves a lot more than just bidding on a few keywords and waiting for conversions. You may be making money, but are you managing all aspects of your campaign properly?

If not, you could easily lose those profits you’re seeing. Got no idea what a negative keyword is? Let the professionals handle your SEM campaign. More specifically, you need a Google Certified Expert to monitor and manage the desired results.

Here at Today’s Local Media, we match up your campaign and budget with a straight-forward approach to achieve the most desirable results. As part of your PPC campaign, we will:

  • Research your competition
  • Personalize each campaign with your brand, message, and/or offer
  • Utilize analytics to determine which keywords, negative keywords, and geographic areas promise the best ROI

Internet Specialists You Can Trust

We put your business at the top of Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Want to get in on that? Contact us or call us directly at 972-479-5009. Our Internet specialists work specifically with roofers like you to customize their websites so they appeal to a target audience. Exposure and visibility are your keys to increasing traffic. Call us to make it happen.