Social Media Marketing for Roofers

Social media marketing is a vital part of your overall marketing strategy. However, you have to make sure you’re approaching it the right way: is your strategy reactive or proactive? Does it keep your clients involved? Are you forming lasting bonds with your customers? Are your posts being shared within the community? The hallmark of a great social media marketing campaign is exposure. Be real, be honest, be proactive. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is if you have the right people on your side.

There are 1.94 billion monthly active users on Facebook. And that’s just one platform. There are many out there, including Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, that you can take advantage of.

Social Media Marketing for Roofing Companies

And because you’re in the home improvement industry, you can even gather a pretty good following on Pinterest. We know many roofing contractors feel intimidated by social media. You may not know the first thing about promoting your business on social media, or you may not think you have the time — both of which may be true. However, that’s what Today’s Local Media is here for.

As a roofer, it’s imperative that you establish yourself in a virtual space that’s a must for lead generation, referrals, and business reputation. In order to be successful, you need to create and share content on a regular basis that’s not only important to your customers but that will show them you’re a subject matter expertise when it comes to all things roofing.


Expand and Improve Your Online Reputation

Being visible on social media isn’t just a great way to bring in more business. It’s also integral to maintaining your professional reputation in the community. Your online reputation is crucial for online success, and that means your roofing company should possess a strong social media presence in order to market efficiently. Trust has everything to do with how people perceive your brand. If they read a bad review, they won’t trust you with their business. Period. If they read glowing reviews time after time, they are more apt to trust you but you still have to work hard on your end to keep growing that trust.

Let us recommend a specialized social media marketing plan that will create more positive feedback, and limit the risk of having an upset customer ruin your reputation.

Social media marketing is just as important as SEO and PPC, a core part of any good marketing strategy.


Respond to Good and Bad Reviews

What people say about you can damage or enhance your reputation with the click of a button. All it takes is one post to damage your reputation. How will you mitigate that risk? The answer is: a constant presence online. You need to have a dedicated resource to check your platforms every day to scan for disgruntled customers before they start a mob mentality. That’s why you need to review your Facebook and other sites daily, nipping problems like that in the bud. We’ll tell you exactly how to put out those fires before they can burn you down. We can also tell you which social media platforms are best for you and your roofing business.

From a merited attack based on product or service quality (or lack thereof) to senseless spammers who have nothing better to do with their time than to troll you, how you react is everything. The #1 rule here is to stay positive, even though you may be angry at the negative feedback, no matter how justified it is. Your main goal here is resolution. Engaging in a war of he-said-she-said online for everyone to see will only serve to damage your reputation further. Accept the blame, explain your side, apologize publicly, reiterate the problem to ensure you understand the situation completely, and take steps to make it right. Maybe you could offer a free roofing inspection, money back, or some other peace offering. The main thing is to be quick about it, and move on.

Not all reviews are bad. In fact, most are pretty good. You want to look out for those, too, and respond in kind. Thank them for their feedback and invite them to share their good experience with others.

If you search online, the one thing all top roofing companies have in common when it comes to marketing are five-star reviews. From Yelp profiles, to Google+ reviews, to Angie’s List, reviews on your roofing company are popping up everywhere. Make sure they count, as Google continues to place more of an emphasis on customer reviews.


Turn Past Customers in to Referrals

Past customers are gold — especially if they love your work! Don’t let that resource fade into the background and hope they come back to you in the future for more work. They probably will, but in the meantime, why not let them work FOR you? We’re talking about turning past customers into referring customers. Everyone has a friend or family member who may need roofing work. And just like any other industry, such as real estate or HVAC, a company can be built on referrals.

This is a free way to spread positive word of mouth recommendations, so don’t be shy about asking for referrals. Ask your satisfied clients if they wouldn’t mind sending you a quick testimonial to put on your website, or to write up something nice about your skilled and friendly service on your Facebook page.

In addition to simply asking your past customers for a good review, you can set up profiles on multiple review sites, and place direct links to your review profiles in follow-up emails, newsletters, and your website.

Market Your Roofing Company With Todays Local Media


Generate Leads on Social Media

Part of the mystery of social media marketing is knowing where to focus your efforts to meet your lead generation goals. With research showing that social media provides almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail and even PPC, this is no doubt a powerful marketing tool every roofer should utilize.

There are many ways you can use social media to generate inbound marketing leads, from Twitter chats and LinkedIn groups to YouTube videos and Google+ Hangouts. This all takes time, to be sure.

Today’s Local Media can be your guiding force through all this, evaluating what your company is currently doing in the mainstreams of social media i.e. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter, then develop an effective strategy to implement on your business’ behalf. Call Today’s Local Media today at 972-479-5009 to get started.