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Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) generally refers to the process of making sure a website is visible when consumers search for a local business. Historically, this has meant being visible in places like Google Maps and Online Yellow Pages. Today, most local searches are done on Google on both desktop and mobile devices. That means your Local SEO strategy must consider both the mobile searcher and the desktop one as well.

Image of a Google Local Search for a Business

Local SEO gives you the opportunity to leverage data you provide local websites and a professional website design to separate yourself from your competition. This is because local results are based on a combination of your website, local listings, and geographic information that you register with local search websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yelp.

How does it work? Most local search engines like Google allow the business to load some generic information about itself for free of charge, such as business category, brief description, address, photos, and an offer. This encourages both consumers and businesses to use their site over the competition.


The Local Factor

It is important to understand that there are several key ranking factors that can increase your chances of being found by local searchers. But one of the main ones is your business address and it’s proximity to where the user is searching. That means you should understand that you need to focus on serving customers close by in your area first, before moving beyond that area to other cities or states.

Filling out the basic business information is also necessary for search engine optimization purposes. If listings are unregistered, incomplete, or incorrect, your business is missing a great opportunity for link building, reputation management, and reaching potential customers. Link building gives your website credibility in the eyes of each search engine. And most importantly, the links should be relevant to your local business.

Image of a Local Map Showing Businesses

Another aspect of local listings in rating and reviews. Ratings and reviews are an important part of reputation management. The more people writing reviews about your business will help build credibility to the potential consumer. Also, the faster you are able to resolve an issue with an upset client, the better perception you will have within the community.

Finally, make sure your listings are complete with important information and even media like photos and videos. If your listings are not registered or completed, your business may not show up via mobile device, internet, navigation, social, or any other new media device. Over 70% of consumers that use local search end up calling a business. And over 60% of consumers rely on this information. In other words, if you do not have a local presence then you might as well be out of business in many consumer’s minds.


How We Help You

At Today’s Local Media, we will help you:

  • Claim and Create local listings for your business on more than 10 local search engines
  • Each listing will be fully optimized and driven based on your targeted geography
  • Promote link building activity by ensuring that all information submitted is the same
  • Help with reputation management by showing you what is being said about your business

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