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Building and maintaining a website is a necessity. And not only that, it is important to have a mobile responsive website as part of your strategy. This gives visitors across any device, from tablets to mobile phones, the best experience possible. And at Today’s Local Media, every single custom website we build comes with a responsive mobile design.

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Today’s Local Media are the experts in website design and development. We have been building mobile-optimized websites for years. That means we understand the needs of different businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as how customers navigate their websites. Let us help you get started today on a better website that looks beautiful across any device.

What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

A website is responsive when it is designed to adapt to the screen size and device it is being viewed on. It adjusts to fit and look better with the screen on which the user is reading it on. This idea replaces the old concept of having a separate website for desktop users and a separate website for mobile users.

In the present day, most people have multiple devices from which they likely will browse the internet. Desktops, smaller laptops, mobile phones, and tablets all exist with varying abilities to do most of the same things online. In the past, a mobile version of a website was convenient and quick when trying to use an older mobile device. But today, a mobile responsive website is the best practice recommended by Google, Facebook, and pretty much every internet company.

A responsive design adjusts to the user’s device so they avoid a frustrating experience on your website. When viewing an older website on a phone or tablet, you most likely have to adjust the browser to really view the site or find what you are looking. That is because the website copy and design are built for a completely different screen.

The responsive mobile design helps create a site where no matter the device, the user is able to experience the same site as it adjusts to move columns, reformat pieces, and adapt sizes to give an optimized experience. Mobile responsive websites take care of all formats while also ending the need to maintain different versions of your site.

Recent data shows that many people do as much browsing on their mobile phones and tablets as they do on traditional computers. So, having a design that provides all screens with the same level of content provides all viewers with the same website and information easily.

Let Us Build Your Custom Responsive Website

A responsive website bypasses the need for multiple websites and presents your content on all devices while also optimizing to fit your visitors’ needs. For most, that can even eliminate the need for extensive website maintenance and need for app development.

Example of a Mobile Responsive Website

Having a responsive design maintains one domain to streamline searches for your website through services such as Google. This means avoiding redirects and different sites under the same name that can hurt search traffic.

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