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Do you have a social media strategy for your business? It is about more than simply having a Facebook page or posting on Twitter a few times each month. Today, the world of social media marketing involves knowing which platforms perform best, and having an understanding of the newsfeed algorithms which govern each individual website.

Image of local customer searching for a local business on social media

Social Media is essential in order to maintain an active and well-managed online marketing program. It’s where customers will look for you after they find your website to see if they can trust your business.

For example, a moving company in New York may not need to be tweeting every day. And a roofer in Los Angeles might not have a huge following on LinkedIn, and that’s ok. But if you are the mover, you better be on Facebook. And if you are that roofing company, you should probably be posting pictures of your best roof installations on social media as well.

Having an online social presence allows you to engage with consumers in a simple way. It also allows your previous customers to be your biggest fans.

There are billions of active users on Facebook. And surprisingly, more than 50% of those login every singe day. As a business owner, you must stay as current as possible in order to be seen by the potential customers that are online.

Why Be Social?

Many local businesses understand the value of Google Ads. But did you know that social media advertising on sites like Facebook can be just as effective? This is called combining organic social (free) with paid social (advertising).

Publishing up-to-date content gives your brand credibility in the marketplace. After all, one of the easiest ways to spot a fly-by-night business or a scam, is one that has little to know presence online. That is also a key part of expanding your local SEO – because Google understands social media as a sign of credibility. Is is nearly impossible to fake hundreds of legitimate fans on a Facebook page or subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Local customers shopping for local businesses online

Today’s Local Media keeps this simple for our clients by customizing a strategy that will grow your social following for you and help support your business. It’s your vision. We just help you grow it through recommending the right social media channels, and then posting to them on the right schedule.

Our Process

We approach social media marketing differently than most other marketing companies. That is because we take a customer centered approach to everything we do, versus cheap cookie-cutter strategies. First, we evaluate what your local company is doing on social currently.

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter, we know social media enough to see whether what you are doing is working or not. Not all businesses are created equal. And that means no two social marketing strategies should be exactly alike.

Next, we next discuss and come up with an effective strategy to implement on your behalf. This strategy includes everything you need to be successful like:

  • Understanding which social channels your business should leverage
  • Creating and establishing new social media accounts
  • Updating profiles with photos, graphics, and fresh content
  • Training your team on best practices for customer engagement
  • Setting up sponsored posts and paid advertising as needed
  • Monitoring engagement and optimizing your social profiles
  • Evaluating the success of each channel by scheduling quarterly check-ins

After we have the foundation of your social programs down, we can shift from strategy to a more tactical approach. Finally, we put together an ongoing plan to continue to grow your social following and generate real business from those followers too.

Ready to get started? Reach out to us today for a free social media analysis.