WordPress Development

We are a WordPress development company serving small businesses nationwide.

Often when venturing into the technological world or creating something new to expand your presence online, flexibility and simplicity can be just as helpful as actually taking that step in a new direction. Building and maintaining a website to be the face for your business online is key but there are many options and routes which you could decide to explore.


Probably the most popular and the easiest way to go is using WordPress. What is WordPress? It is commonly called a free and open-source content management system (CMS). In simpler terms it is a website creation tool that has grown to become one of the largest sources of website and blog creations online. WordPress helps create and maintain websites with their tools and then let’s you customize them. It is widely viewed as the easiest website and blogging system while also being pretty powerful because of what it can do while providing multiple options for hosting.

How popular is WordPress? As of 2015 WordPress claimed to power over 20% of the top 10 million websites, and as of 2016 their main website says that they power over 25% of the internet. It is a common and regular source used from everything from some of the most popular blogs online to CNN’s on-air personality sites to small business sites to websites for artists and portfolios.

WordPress has grown to this level mainly because of it’s ease of use and because the process of creating a website with WordPress is free. A jump over to WordPress.com immediately makes sure you know that they can help you create your new website or personal blog without having to jump through a million immediate hoops or spend a small fortune to have a custom website and server built. They help you get started, let you pick your own domain name (what you want your website to be called), and provide 24 hour support through multiple forums to help you answer any questions.

The benefits with WordPress don’t end there either. Simply having a website does not benefit quite as much as when your site is built to be found. Sure you will tell anyone you can and share your domain with your customers and friends, but what about making it easy to find for those looking for what you can provide without even knowing you exist? Here are some of the benefits:

  • WordPress promises to optimize for SEO and to get your website found with the billions of daily searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.
  • WordPress provides you with multiple options in what you can do with it, and using WordPress can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be.
  • You can do self-hosted installations for small sites or use one of the few hosting services that WordPress promotes through their website for bigger websites and ventures.
  • There are thousands upon thousands of customization options and themes to change appearances and find layouts that fit what you want to put forward for viewers.
  • Easy to use interfaces and tons of tutorials within WordPress help anyone get started.
  • A smart and simple layout when working with WordPress provides a nice balance of many tools to work on sites but without cluttering your screen and confusing you.
  • WordPress promises to constantly update and improve their product and security.

Providing ease of use, a constantly growing list of themes and plug-ins to improve your website, and one of the best support systems from any online system provider. It is easy to see why WordPress has exploded into one of the best routes to use when looking to start a new website.