Here at Today’s Local Media we have the obligation to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and technology in order to provide the best service to our clients. We strive to understand all of the tools to better serve local industries from movers, to portable storage, and other home service businesses.

One of the up and coming technology trends that we have seen is the use of AI to write content such as social media posts, landing pages, blog posts, and even ebooks. We have been interested in learning about this trend because we want to provide more high quality content for our clients at a quicker pace. We have kept asking ourselves,”should local businesses use AI for content?”

And we keep coming across the same answer, we strongly believe that AI will be used as a tool to make for better research but will not replace the use of human beings and should not be used to solely write content. 

Writing Should be About Feeling

Did you know that 95% of purchase decisions are based on feelings and emotions as opposed to logic? Sometimes content writers find themselves writing a piece of content as if their reader is going to read it with a logical standpoint, but that’s not how content should be written. Emotions and feelings are the key to making sales and the key for readers to resonate with your company. 

Although AI may make your writing more simple and allow you to produce more content, AI can’t encapsulate the emotion that is required to make a successful connection with the reader. AI can’t generate the same feeling that a human can. 

If you truly want to create a relationship with your reader then an AI writing service is not the option. 

AI Doesn’t Know Your Audience

Who knows your business better than you? Certainly not a robot. If you are trying to resonate with your customers then YOU need to speak with them. Although AI can provide you with words, it can’t provide you with a specific connection with your audience that only you can give.

It is essential when you are writing content that you are visualizing your ideal customers. AI will not do that because obviously it is physically impossible for a robot to visual your specific needs. Therefore, you will get generic pieces. Your content will be lost in the sea of similar content generically written by AI that simply doesn’t care about conversion rates.  

Content Writing Isn’t All About SEO

Writing content is a huge aspect of your local SEO marketing plan. Content provides you a platform to get keywords out there and to have more opportunity to provide potential clients with the name of your business. You absolutely need landing pages and blog posts to have a well-rounded and killer SEO plan. With that all being said, content should never only be about SEO.

If you are writing content with the sole purpose of appeasing Google (and other search engines) then an AI would fit your needs perfectly. AI can adequately provide you with mass amounts of generic content that will aid in your SEO agenda. So if that is your goal, then AI is a great tool.

However, if you are looking for unique content that is not only SEO-friendly but speaks to the emotional side of people’s decision making then writing your own content is the best option. 

We Stand Out Among Our Competitors

Here at Today’s Local Media, our content is written by people. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients and their story so that we can provide the most tailored pieces. We don’t use AI to write our content because we want to not only make Google happy but we want to appeal to a specific target market. 

We know that conversion rates are higher when the pieces are speaking to our client’s customers. And we don’t just focus on SEO, we focus on what our clients need and what we know their customers want to hear. 

So, Should Your Local Business Use AI for Content?

We believe that you should be writing your content or have somebody writing your content who knows your business. We know that customers are making decisions based on how they feel and an AI software cannot tap into the human emotion like a human can. 

AI can be a great resource to help if you have writer’s block, or if you are struggling getting going but should not be the only thing that is writing your content. 

Ben Wright
Ben is the Founder and CEO of Today's Local Media. He founded the company in 2012 after he saw a need in the marketplace for a more personalized delivery of marketing services with a focus on customer service.