Growing Your Local Business in Times of Uncertainty

Growing your local business in times of uncertainty can seem unnerving – but it’s still doable! By maintaining a positive outlook and proactive approach, you can open your business up to new inventive solutions and possibilities.

At Today’s Local Media, we’re a small business ourselves, who focus on helping other small business owners grow – so we know how uncertain and intimidating these times can feel. We started with a simple idea: put customer service first and always deal with local business owners honestly. That’s why we wanted to be honest with you here and put your business first by sharing our top tips for sustaining growth during this time:


Be prepared

Some situations aren’t foreseeable, catch you by surprise and evolve differently than anticipated. It’s out of your control but nonetheless, you should always be keeping a close eye on emerging challenges and develop ‘what-if’ scenarios and responses as quickly as possible. Ask yourself, ‘What are our main assumptions in our industry right now and how can we respond?’ From there, map out a multi-step process beginning with a preliminary strategy and building upon it as you go.


Engage with your team

Uncertainty doesn’t just affect you as a business owner – it affects your team as well. That’s why you want to make sure you take the time to ensure your team members are heard, seen and supported. From having a team all-hands to opening your door to private conversations, you need to be available and accessible, while remaining upfront, transparent and honest about any and all situations.


Be human

Local business is still about the people in your community. And even though it can be difficult to remain positive during uncertain times, continuing to focus forward and thinking about how you can help your community members should be a main priority. Whether you donate to food banks and clothing drives or offer your services at a discounted rate, being understanding and present is what will make your business stand out.


Be creative

At the end of the day, uncertainty is what forces you to think creatively and proactively. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stop conducting business, either. Think outside the box about ways in which your business can still work for and serve the community. It will probably look very different from your current business model but there are opportunities and solutions. 

Whether you switch to offering virtual appointments and estimates, to offering delivery and curb-side pickup, challenge yourself to push your boundaries and engage your team to help come up with solutions that will help sustain growth now and in the future. And don’t forget to let the community know about what you’re offering too! Make sure to post both on your website and on social media.

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Ben Wright
Ben is the Founder and CEO of Today's Local Media. He founded the company in 2012 after he saw a need in the marketplace for a more personalized delivery of marketing services with a focus on customer service.

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