19 Ugly Logo Designs You Do Not Want to Copy

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There are some great logos out there. But there are also some horrible ones too. Ultimately, a good logo is a vital aspect of your company brand. Many times, the first thing people see is the logo.

Like a sales rep for your company or a TV commercial, a logo tells your company’s story to everyone who sees it. That is assuming of course that you have a great logo.

Many times, the logo is the first (and only) advertising piece people interact with. A good logo must be simple and memorable, represent the company, and be easily identifiable. Logos that are too complicated, messy, or abstract can actually turn people away from the company and be quickly forgotten.

But before we get to the logo fails, it is important to talk about what a good logo should be.


What is a logo?

A logo is usually a combination of an image and text. Logos serve multiple purposes. Logos create a visual symbol that connects people with your business, and are indirect advertising pieces that work for you, 24/7.
Example of a Business Logo
Good logos along with a savvy marketing team can even create a sense of “belonging to something bigger” within their customer base. When a computer company’s customers are fixing the logo to their cars, you know they have done a great job.


Classic Logos

Some of the largest companies in the world have logos so recognizable they only need to show the image, and people immediately recognize the company.

Image of Apple Logo
A logo that is timeless and universal is imperative for the logo design. If a logo can remain unchanged for 20 or 50 years, it is a a strong design.


Designs That Did Not Work

Now that we have discussed a few great examples, it’s on to the bad ones. In no particular order, here are 19 awful examples of logos you should not copy.


1. The 2012 London Olympics

Bad Logo of London Olympics

As one of the most widely known logo failures, the 2012 London Olympics Logo was so abstract, people are still talking about it. If your customer has to study the logo to find out what it is saying, you have lost them.


2. Mega Flicks

Image of Bad Mega Flicks logo

This Mega Flicks logo fell in one of the classic pitfalls – spacing. Simple grammar rules still apply in logos. End design of any logo is still just as important as initial concept. Make sure your logo’s final result comes out as originally intended.


3. State of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup

Picture of Logo State of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup

Before you go to print, it’s important to look at your logo from every angle. What you see may not be what everyone else sees.


4. The 2000 Columbus Blue Jackets

Image of Logo for 2000 Columbus Blue Jackets

Sports teams also can benefit from a good logo. This confusing piece of art was the initial logo of the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2000.


5. The LA Clippers

LA Clippers Bad Logo Example

Unless you are a die-hard Los Angeles Clippers fan, you would probably have no idea this logo is for an NBA basketball team.


6. Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams Logo Fail

Many companies have grand visions for where they want to see their company go. Having a world enterprise is not a bad goal, perhaps except when it looks like you want to cover the earth in blood.


7. Cat Wear

Best Logo Fail

Whether you have a good sense of humor or not, a logo is not the place. A Logos need to remain clear and simple.


8. Fido

Image of Funny Logo for Fido

If someone looks at your logo and has no idea what it possibly could be, it’s probably a poor logo.


9. TSA

Fail Logo by TSA Government

Even if your mission is to “stop the bad guys.” It’s always a good idea to keep your logo as far as you can from any inappropriate imagery that people might easily see.


10. The Unknown Logo

Bad Logo Example

Whatever this is. It might be a logo from a hair band from the 80s, but other than that, we have no clue.


11. Priority Medical Services

Image of Priority Medical Services Logo

A play on word with an acronym is usually a risky choice. Especially when that acronym involves blood and discomfort to millions of people every month.


12. Ascension Salon & Spa

Corporate Logo of Ascension Salon & Spa

There is probably something meaningful to the owners of this salon and spa that involves a butterfly, scissors and ascending. However, if that meaning is not easily understandable, it’s probably lost on the customer.


13. Hilton Worldwide

Corporate Logo of Hilton Worldwide

Alignment is important with logos. With so many people out there who care about details when things are even slightly out of place, this logo for Hilton is making perfectionists everywhere cringe.


14. GAP Clothing

Company Logo Fail for GAP Clothing

Timelessness is important in logo design. When you think of GAP clothing, do you think of this? With a former memorable logo for years, Gap’s logo was redesigned to lowercase letters and a small blue box.


15. AOL

AOL Bad Logo Example

In an attempt for a newer, fresher look, AOL redesigned their logo to a messy green image and is also now known as AOL. As in AOL with a dot.


16. American Airlines

Corporate Logo of American Airlines

Redesigned in 2013, American Airlines moved away from the iconic AA logo it had held since 1968. As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


17. Path Mark

Logo of Path Mark Company

Path Mark was a US based supermarket chain that opened in 1968. They went bankrupt in 2015. Though a once popular grocery store, their logo is rather poorly designed.


18. Fort Collins Cycling

Logo history for Fort Collins Cycling

A simple design is more powerful than an artsy picture. A universal design is also not something to forget. Will bicycles always look the same way? Will Fort Collins be able to use this design in 20 years? If a logo has to be redesigned to fit in with the times, it was a weak logo to begin with.


19. Verizon

Image of Bad Early Verizon Corporate Logo

Decried for it’s strangely placed red V, disappearing red Z, and a noticeable background gradient, Verizon has long taken fire for this logo.


A Logo For You

As you can see, a logo that is clear, simple, and memorable is important and necessary. With the wrong logo, your company can easily be lost in the sea of noise at best, or at worst, even ridiculed for poor design.

In today’s market with so many companies competing for business, your company needs a logo that is versatile, appropriate, and recognizable. Creating such a design that is distinctive and universal is no easy task. It is worth your while to hire a professional.

The good news is that Today’s Local Media, a trusted logo design company, can help with the entire process.

From concept to design, we will oversee your logo design project and present you with a logo product you can be proud of. Our creative team will present you with your choice of 5-8 logo ideas, and you will choose what works best for you.

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Ben Wright
Ben is the Founder and CEO of Today's Local Media. He founded the company in 2012 after he saw a need in the marketplace for a more personalized delivery of marketing services with a focus on customer service.

3 thoughts on “19 Ugly Logo Designs You Do Not Want to Copy

  1. I’ve taken notice much more often of logos and commercials….would be interested in how to get started on the different processes that are put into the final stages

  2. The Hilton Worldwide and the Verizon logo are actually not that bad compared to the rest. People need to understand that logos are not static images anymore. They’re dynamic! The “Aol.” logo exists as a variety of images defining its identity. You cannot judge it based on the scribble “logo.” The Verizon checkmark was designed to be in animation (reason why it fades at the top like it does). For anyone who has problems with new corporate logos, don’t take them at face value! Alignment is important for good design, so at the very least, I agree with the comments on the Hilton Worldwide logomark not being aligned with the type. The rest of the logos need improvement.

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